a) Mali Lošinj - Osor – Vrana Lake - Orlec - lookout point above Valun - Lubenice - Martinšćica - Plave grote/Ustrine - Martinšćica - Mali Lošinj

DESCRIPTION: departure from Mali Lošinj at 8:00; guided visit of the town of Osor; going to Vrana Lake (freshwater lake, cryptodepression); in the village of Orlec we head to Mali Bok from where we can see the southern colony of Eurasian griffons, as well as a wonderful view of Kvarner islands; visit to the lookout point above Valun bay and learning about that part of the island; going to the village of Lubenice, which boasts a sublime view of one of the most beautiful beaches (3rd in Croatia, 13th in the world); in Martinšćica we pay a visit to the first Immortelle distillery in the world, with a 150 years old tradition; a speedboat takes us from there to Plave Grote – Blue Grotto (a guided tour of the sea cave) where we might take a swim on one of the beaches, possible leisure time OR going for a swim in the village of Ustrine, where the beach is never overcrowded due to a ramp whose key holds Yours Truly; return to Martinšćica and heading out to Mali Lošinj


Mali Lošinj – Vrana Lake – Cres panorama – the 45th parallel – Križić – Sv. Petar – Beli – Cres – Mali Lošinj

DESCRIPTION: departure from Mali Lošinj at 8:00; going to Vrana Lake (freshwater lake, cryptodepression); we stop to take a look of the panorama above the town of Cres; we continue to the spot where the 45th parallel passes; heading out to the southernomst part of the island – Križić; in the village of Sv. Petar we visit a 500-years-old oak tree; moving on to Beli, a 2000-years-old town, where we walk down a part of the Red Trail, visit the Eco Center, take a speedboat to the unique Eurasian griffon colony and its lowest nest, and stay for a swim on the beach below Beli; tour of the town of Cres and leisure time; return to Mali Lošinj

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